Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Points2Shop-The Largest Online Free Reward Program!

Most people don't earn money online and it has nothing to do with scams, most of the time. There are a few really amazing free sites that will earn you money online fast - If your willing to work, it's that simple.  

Lets start with my favorite one: Points2Shop. This is one of the largest online free reward programs with over 2.5 million users. It is an convenient online shopping site for all types of products. It's a free service that help members to earn points by doing offers, filling out surveys or even testing products then using this points to shop at 

It is one of the incentive based sites that provide its members with products. Unlike other sites that promise to give you iPods, computers and laptop. It's 100% free without paying a penny. You don't need to have a credit card. You can earn just by completing free offers and inviting friends and family to join under you. But if you want to increase your earning then you definitely have to start doing the paid/trial offers.

Points2Shop was launched in July 2007. The basic principle of that site is to earn points and to redeem them for rewards/prizes. However, they have added cash offers now and their sister site will be merged with Points2Shop. So it is no longer be strictly for earning points to shop for prizes.

Earning points and cash online is easy, quick, and fun!

Points2Shop provides many opportunities to earn points and cash with a supportive community to help you earn efficiently and answer any questions you may have.

It's easy: You earn points by filling out surveys, completing offers, watching videos, by playing games or complete other tasks, and redeem those points for any free reward! Points2Shop is paying and are very reliable. These are the reasons why:
  1. $ 0.50 Sign-Up Bonus
  2. Instant Cashouts-Paypal, Alertpay, Check, E-Gold or Liberty Reserve!
  3. Unlimited Direct Referrals- $1 per Referral
  4. All Countries are Accepted.
  5. Has a forum.
  6. An Established site
  7. Low Minimum Cashout- $1 for PayPal or Alertpay & $5 to request a check!
  8. There are proofs that it pays.
  9. Unlimited Direct Referrals.
Use caution on credit card offers. This is for all GPT sites. Remember that you are giving the advertiser your financial info, not the site. Points2Shop can not be held responsible for the offers and the charges made to your card by a advertiser who advertises a offer.
Offers may not credit. Make sure your cookies are enabled and working properly. This is a common problem for all GPT sites. Most will not have this problem if your cookies are working properly.

But Clear your cookies before doing an offer and after you complete. Your can do this by pressing the Control+Shift+Delete buttons.


Points2Shop is a paying and safe site to use. They are free to use and cashout with. You do not buy referrals or buy any kind of upgrade. Only thing you risk is your time. I would recommend that when you join to navigate and go through all the pages to learn how the site works. After signing up, I would suggest you start reading the forums. They will give you more tips which when you apply, you will notice that your offers get confirmed quicker and a lot more frequently.

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And don't forget: Points2Shop requires you to verify your account by email after you sign up.
All the Best!